iPad Mini Vs iPad 2 Vs iPad 4 - [Detailed Comparison]

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Here’s a detailed comparison chart from Apple themselves which compares the iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 4 together. But, choose wisely! 
You can find more detail about this on apple's own website. I'll be posting more on this soon, keep following.

Cisco Switch Password Recovery - In Few Easy Steps

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Note: This article is based on a Cisco Catalyst 2900, 3500XL, 2940, 2950, 2955, and 3550 switches, for other you can search and find them easily using any search engine
To recover a password on a Cisco switch, you will have to be connected to the console port of the Cisco switch using 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, and xon/xoff flow control. I recommend using Hyperterminal that comes with Windows XP.
Once you are connected and see something on the terminal window when you press enter, unplug the power cable. Next, hold down the mode button on the front, as seen in the photo below, and connect the power cable.

On a 2900, 3500XL or 3550 (like the one shown) release the mode button after the 1x port LED goes out. On a 2940 or 2950 switch release the mode button after the stat light goes out. On a 2955, press the break key (ctrl-break on Windows) when you see the message that the switch will autoboot.

Configuration: Windows native DialUP VPN client & Netscreen

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As the subject of this topic states I want to create a dialup VPN to a Netscreen Firewall. To make it more complex I will choose the onboard Windows VPN client. At the moment only a few documentations exist and most of them contain only pieces of the whole setup process. Different threads in discussion groups out there state that the whole XP-VPN/Netscreen thing will not be possible but they lack the proof that this cannot be done.

Cisco L3 & L2 IOU on Fedora Linux [Hacked]

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Note: This is for educational purpose only.

These steps are based on tutorial "Defeating Cisco IOU’s License Protection" and are adapted for Fedora Linux. After the video from you-tube was deleted the creator of video made the "patch" which you can check here.

Please, consider using IOU – it is meant for internal use only thus it is probably illegal to use in case you are not Cisco employee or partner. For further information about licensing, please visit this site. http://evilrouters.net/2011/01/18/cisco-iou-faq/

[How To] - Troubleshoot GNS3 Qemu

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Many GNS3 users use Qemu emulator to run various network OS installed on Qemu images – for example Olive, ASA, Vyatta and many others. Some users complain about not having a network connections between these devices or a console window appears and disappears after the short time. In both cases Qemu hosts are not started properly and Qemu images don’t work.
This issues are typically caused by entering a wrong parameter in GNS3 setting. For instance when user checks a box “Use kvm” in GNS3 settings and CPU doesn’t support kvm or kvm is not enabled in BIOS, it ends with warning message “unknown parameter kvm” and Qemu image is not started. Please remember that kvm is not supported by Windows so you shouldn’t have “Use kvm” checked if GNS3 is installed on Windows.
Another issue mainly occurs on Linux and Mac OS and it is caused by using unpatched Qemu binary. GNS3 create UDP tunnels in order to make connection between Qemu devices and that is why Qemu source have to be patched for UDP tunnels, compiled and installed by user. Although many Linux distributions already have Qemu installed in /usr/bin/ directory, this version of Qemu is unlikely to be patched for UDP tunnels. For this reason the Qemu doesn’t understand parameter -net type udp and it is halted after its start.
As long as patched Qemu binary is included in GNS3 all-in-one package, the Windows users don’t need to patch, compile and install Qemu by themselves.
Except of the wrong parameters I have already mentioned there can be another problems which prevent Qemu starting successfully. If you find Qemu difficult to start you should consider to do following troubleshooting to find out the reasons why Qemu doesn’t work.

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