Hidden Secrets Revealed in Apple's iOS 5

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iOS 5 introduces a wealth of new features that can be used to aid people with visual, aural, and mobility impairments. You’ll find these options on the Accessibility setting screen under Settings -> General -> Accessibility. But Apple’s iOS 5 mobile operating system still having few secrets which are not told to consumers which we are revealing inthis article. Developers and sleuthing hackers have been hard at work since Apple released the OS in October unearthing a number of hidden features and tweaking the OS to do things it was never intended to do.

Here are 5 Hidden Apple’s iOS 5 secrets revealed that may surprise you.

Hidden 3D

iOS 5, the latest OS for Apple trinkets, has hidden depths in the form of support for 3D objects embedded in web pages though the use of WebGL, and not just for paying customers. At first it seemed that WebGL would only be available for advertisements using Apple’s iAd framework, but Aussie developer Nathan de Vries has worked out how to get a 3D render out of the iAd frame and into web component of any application, though notes he had to use a few private APIs to get there and outside of ad frames, with the help of some third-party APIs. What this means in plainer English is that developers could theoretically add 3D objects to new iOS apps, although Apple probably wouldn’t approve them for the App Store. Nonetheless, it all indicates that Apple could have broader plans for iOS and 3D in the future.

Send tweets with Sir

If you lured by the Genie of Aladdin, who grant him his wishes, then just gaze at  your iPhone 4S, its Siri will take you to a magical ride and will work almost like a genie for you. The much glorified Siri, voice command assistant which has generated huge discussion after the arrival of iPhone 4S, is without a doubt enabled with many exclusive qualities. This one is more an involved work-around than a hidden feature, but it provides a way to Tweet directly from Siri—a function many iPhone 4S users have been surprised to find wasn’t baked in to iOS 5. The idea is basically to use Siri to text your tweet to Twitter. There are detailed instructions on the Buffer blog.

Panoramic Camera Mode
Did you want in on iOS 5′s hidden panorama feature, but weren’t down with the whole jailbreak shindig? You’re in luck, because RedmondPie found a roundabout solution. The process involves using a backup program, iBackupBot, to edit and add a line or two of code in a system file. All interested parties need is an iTunes backup, a little elbow grease and a program called iBackupBot. That last item will allow you to bust open your device backup, where you’ll find a preference file that needs an “EnableFirebreak” value changed from “false” to “true.” Once that’s done, a quick restore is all that stands between you and some epic panoramic vistas. Note:  Some iOS devices may crash when trying to use the newly-activated mode, but there’s plenty of reports of iOS users taking extremely wide photos

Resurrecting iPad Multitouch
Some original iPad users were dismayed to find that when they upgraded to iOS 5, multi-touch gesturing capability had mysteriously disappeared. The gestures originally had to be enabled after the fact with some free developer software. iOS 5 introduced the feature officially to the iPad2, while simultaneously locking it out of the original iPad. Fortunately for users that got used to the gestures, a coder at modmyi.com came up with a fix to restore the capability without having to jailbreak the device.

Auto-suggestion keyboard Bar

Apple has apparently hidden a suggested autocorrect bar for the on-screen keyboard which looks an awful lot like something you might see on an Android device. It lists possible corrections for misspellings just above the keyboard. To bring it out into the light, you’ll need to use iBackupBot again to make some changes to code, according to 9to5Mac.

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