How To: Step By Step Jailbreak iPhone 4S

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IPhone 4S’s owners, if you are fed up with your device can’t be used on other carriersexcept official bounded one or worried about it can’t use other Apps except Apple apps. If yes, today you can solve these problems through unlock or jailbreak your devices.

Why so many people have need of Jailbreaking iPhone4S? A jailbroken iPhone can allow you to:

1.   Install more software, including software sold in App Store.
2.   Beautify your iPhone.
3.   Fix some bugs of the iPhone.
4.   Enhance the system funcationality.

If you have one officially unlocked device, It is absolutely nice you can enjoy alladvantages than locked device owner from using different local carrier SIM cards when travel. That is convenience and will save a plenty of cash for data roaming services. Nevertheless how to get this unlocked device? Perhaps your first reaction is to get one from Apple Store, although costs you much it is still better than having to pay higher international data roaming charges. Luckily there is a worthy solution for you is jailbreak and unlock your device.

Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S Step By Step 

What you have to do is to simply manually adjust your iPhone’s network settings by following guiding.
Step 1: Open the Settings app and browse to General, Network, and Cellular Network. (Three options are available, MMS, Voicemail and Cellular   Data)
Step 2: Change the APN settings (APN is Access Point Name)
Step 3: Contact local network and inquire setting on their network
Step 4: Add proper APN together with the username and password (all provided by the carrier).
That is all, you can now use any carriers or enjoy data services on you local network when travel.
If you want to install more software, beautify your device, fix some bugs and enhancesystem performance, the following jailbreak methods can help you.

Three tools prepared for your iPhone 4S’s jailbroken.

1.Network(such as Wi-Fi)
2.VPN Proxy (
3.VPN proxy account and password (

Then let’s view how to jailbreak iPhone 4S step by step under help of three tools with limera1n apps which is developed by George Hotz to jailbreak iPhone at the beginning. (He is a famous American hacker guy and also hacked ps3 game console and now works in Facebook). At this time we will use limera1n to jailbreak iPhone 4S.

Step 1: Download limera1n app to unzip it.
Step 2: Then connect iPhone 4S to computer to run
Step 3: Hold “Home+Power” buttons and then release “Power” button, and then release “Home” button to wait for installation restarted until finished.
Step 4: Run limera1n on your iPhone 4S and then download and install Nydia (click “Settings” >”Common” >”Network” >”VPN” on your iPhone 4S)
Step 5: Add VPN configuration and select PPTP. Once VPN settings is ok, connect VPN to run Cydia (select User > Complete Upgrade > Reboot Device), then restart your device.
You can have a try, which is able to make you delighted.

Note for new users who want to jailbreak iPhone 4S:
If your iPhone is newly bought and you are not familiar with your iPhone, I don't recommend you unlocking iPhone 4S. You can authorize an Apple ID, then install some free apps on iTunes. But if you have been fed up with the apps which have been downloaded from iTunes, you can try other 3-rd party apps after you jailbreak iPhone 4S.


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    Pwnage has a very nice interface, but nevertheless it’s still a bit complicated to use if
    jailbreak my iphone 3gs

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