iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3 [Comparison Video]

Posted by Ahsan Tasneem | 2:34 AM | , , , | 1 comments »

Here you can find the comparison of the rumored design of the upcoming 'iPhone 5' to the Samsung Galaxy S3. So if you have still not decides which phone to buy you might be able to makeup a mind from here.

iPhone 5 iLab estimate vs Samsung Galaxy SIII Design Comparison
 iPhone 5 Estimate A vs Samsung Galaxy SIII Design Comparison 
 iPhone 5 iLab estimate vs iPhone 5 EstimateA Design Comparison 
Videos Via: iSpazio.net


  1. Jeffrey Waller // October 31, 2012 at 12:04 AM  

    i dont think they are similar.. there is a whole lot of difference in the OS.. thats why the apps will be used different for both.. no need to compare as they both iphone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are superior..

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