JUNOS Emulators: Features You CAN & You CAN’T PRACTICE

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Emulators runs the real JUNOS software(which runs on a router) on a virtual machine using Qemu or the VMware. As per experience you can practice almost all the features but for sure there are few which you can't.

You CAN do the following:
1:- Basic system configuration like snmp, syslog, user accounts & NTP etc.
2:- OSPF & ISIS. If you are using Qemu, under protocol ISIS you need to
configure interface type "point-to-point" otherwise adjacency will not be up. If you are using VM ware then you don’t need "point-to-point".
3:- BGP, you can configure almost all the knobs mentioned in the books.
4:- Policies works just fine with either emulators.
5:- MPLS TE also works fine.

You CAN'T do the following:
1:- VRRP on either emulators
2:- Few firewall features
3:- L2 VPN
4:- Multicasting

JUNOS allows to configure the hardware or services which are currently not running in the router, means you can configure an ATM or a frame-relay interface and save the configuration but this configuration will not be associated with any interface, in short you can just type the command even for the hardware which is not present but you cannot see it working.
If you are a beginner then there is lot more you could do with these.

Best of luck.


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