How To: Use MRTG with GNS3

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What is MRTG?

  • MRTG is opensource program which gets traffic statistics from devices using SNMP and builds graphs like this:

Installing MRTG

Setup virtual topology

In this case we wan’t to make most simple example so we are using only one router:
  •  Install Ms loopback adapter to your Windows machine and configured IP-address for it.
  • Configure router:
hostname R0
interface FastEthernet1/0
ip address
duplex auto
speed auto
snmp-server community mycommunity RO
Verify that ping goes from your local computer to emulated router R0

Configure and run MRTG

  • After you have configured MRTG with command:
perl cfgmaker mycommunity@ –global “WorkDir: c:\www\mrtg” –output mrtg.cfg
  • Run MRTG with command:
perl mrtg mrtg.cfg
Every time when you run MRTG it will get data from the router and save it. You can run MRTG manually every 5 minutes or configure this to happen automatically. To do this follow MRTGinstructions. When you have done this MRTG starts to build graph for you.


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