Configuring Sip to Skype gateway - 3CX Gateway for Skype [Part 2]

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[See Part 1 Also..] After this “splash” is shown, port’s corresponding Skype™ client account will open. Type the associated Skype™ account and password, CHECK the option “Sign me in when Skype starts” and UNCHECK the option “Start Skype when computer starts”, then sign in. Once you signed in, the splash will show “Pending authorization”.
Skype will ask you to “allow 3CXSkypegateway.exe”, click the “Allow access” button.
The dialog will now display “Configured as…” with the Skype account you’ve set, and the Done button becomes enabled. By clicking it, the Skype™ client will close and the port is considered Skype-configured!
Step 4: Starting the 3CX Gateway Service
The Gateway service is responsible for registering with 3CX Phone System, handling of calls to and from Skype, and Signing in with the Skype ID’s associated with each channel. Click on the Start Button on the right hand side of the 3CX GFS to start the gateway service.
Immediately you will see that the PORT ID 10000 is registered with the 3CX Phone System and the solid Green LED status is shown in the Port column. Status: Online
Congratulations – you have successfully configured the 3CX Gateway for Skype.

NOTE - Audio Hardware required for 3CX Skype Gateway You must have audio hardware for the Skype Gateway to function, because the Skype Client requires audio hardware to function.
Note also that when you connect to a machine using RDP, the RDP client creates a virtual sound card on the machine you are connecting to. This virtual sound card emulates speakers, but sometimes will not emulate microphone - especially with older servers or RDP clients. So you could expect to have 1-way audio when making 3CX Skype Gateway calls when connected to the machine using RDP.
The best way to avoid this is to change your RDP client (mstsc.exe) options before connecting to avoid this problem. To do this, before connecting, in your RDP client go to the "Local Resources" tab, and in the "Remote Audio" section, click on the "Settings" button. In the "Remote audio playback" section, select "Play on remote computer". In the "Remote audio recording" section, select "Do not record".

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