iPad 3 Rumors: All You Wanted To Know

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IPad 3 rumors point toward early 2012. So what kind of features will be included? Here's a roundup of iPad 3 rumors, with a little context as to whether you should believe the scuttlebutt or not.
iPad 3 rumors increasingly suggest that the new Apple tablet will hit shelves in early 2012 – perhaps even as soon as February. The iPad 2, of course, with its dual-cameras and upgraded innards, represented a sizable leap forward from the original iPad. So what kind of improvements can we expect from the iPad 3?

A caveat: Apple's notorious secrecy makes such hypothesizing both fun and – in its own way – futile. Still, there's plenty of information out there, some of it probable, some of it doubtful, and some of it a little silly. Let's break it down. 
As we noted yesterday, Citi analyst Richard Gardner recently penned a note to investors, forecasting the arrival of the new iPad. He predicted that the display on the new iPad will sport more than double the resolutionof the previous model. "[T]here do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining," Gardner wrote, according to Business Insider.

What will Apple think of next?
Also look for a new camera on the iPad 3 – par for the course for Apple, which regularly improves the quality and megapixel-count on its iPhone cameras. Plus, Eric Zeman points out today at Information Week, it's not like the lenses on the current model iPad are winning any rewards.
"Both cameras on the iPad 2 are horrible," Zeman writes. "Sure, they work for FaceTime and such, but the results are pitiful. While tablets are still unwieldy for taking pictures, most of the competition is fielding tablets with 3- and 5-megapixel cameras. I don't imagine I'll be using a tablet for most photo-taking needs, but having a decent one on board wouldn't hurt."

Meanwhile, the design of the iPad 3 could be a departure from the design of the iPad 2, which, after all, was a lot like the design of the original iPad.
"It is thought the next-generation iPad 3 will be thicker in design," writes the ZD Net team. "This could suggest a larger battery that would in turn make the device compatible to cope with additional 4G LTE technology. Rumors late last month surfaced that Japan’s largest cellular network would receive 'two new 4G LTE enabled devices,' further leading speculation that Apple has finally jumped on the next-generation wireless technology."
Lastly, don't wave goodbye to the iPad 2 just yet. Just as Apple has continued to sell its older model iPhones for a discounted price, plenty of analysts think that Apple will keep the iPad 2 on the market for a while longer, especially as cheap Android tablets continue to proliferate. (Did you see the $99 Android tablet?) "I expect the base iPad 2 will continue to be sold, after the iPad 3 launch, for $299 all through 2012. Call it the '3GS' effect," writes John Martellaro of Mac Observer.

Second Thought: iPAD 3 may be the iPad 2S Similar to the iPhone 4S release shock.
After the recent news regarding the difficulties with getting the beloved retina display at the required resolution into the iPad 3 at a reasonable cost, more rumors are surfacing depicting two iPad models in 2012. It is currently unclear whether or not Apple will be able to equip the iPad 3 with an A6 Processor and a retina display in time for the usual Q1 official launch. This has led some speculation that the iPad 3 could be pushed back as far as Mid 2012. 
Countering that in the midst of some insider information is that Apple may shift gears and rather than wait, release two models: one being around the usual March of 2012, while the other and “true iPad 3” would be well into the year.

I’d have to say it would anger a lot of fans and technology lovers that already thought that the iPad 2 was rather just a small step up from the original iPad. But Apple has always stood on the premise that they don’t give customers what they want, because they don’t know what’s best for them right? Whether it’s the iPad 2S or iPad 3, production has already begun on the next refresh.

iPad 3 Rumors From Upstream Supply Chain

Most of the information has originated from DigiTimes who was able to snag some information from a source in Apple’s upstream supply chain; who basically said that Apple is placing the March release as an upgraded iPad 2, rather than the revolutionary iPad 3 that has anxious up-graders waiting as they bite their nails deep into the nail-bed with anticipation & anxiety.
Apple still has a stronghold on the tablet market, which has lead some channel retailers to also cite that Apple probably isn’t too worried to rush another model out, seeing their continued success as the one to beat.
With competition brewing from the Android world, I’m sure that Apple wants to make sure that they keep perfecting their iPad 3 to make sure it is going to shatter anything near it, especially if delays with the A6 Processor and retina display are holding things up for full production sometime in Q3 2012.

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