Step By Step Guide To Install JunOS Olive in VMWware Fusion

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Tested with VMWare Fusion Version 3.1.2 and JunOS 10.4.R3.

VMWare Fusion #should also work with VMWare Workstation
FreeBSD 7.1
JunOS M-, MX- oder T-Series Router Firmware

Disc (8GB) Partition overview:
ad0s1a / 1024M
ad0s1b swap 1024M
ad0s1d swap 24M
ad0s1e /config 12M
ad0s1f /var the rest

Command summary to prepare the original JunOS Image to an Olive Image:

cd /var/tmp
mkdir jinst-signed
cd jinst-signed

tar zxvf ../jinstall-10.4.R3.4-export-signed.tgz
mkdir jinst
cd jinst

tar zxvf ../jinstall-10.4.R3.4-export.tgz
mkdir pkgtools
cd pkgtools
tar zxvf ../pkgtools.tgz

cd bin
cp /usr/bin/true ./checkpic
cd ..
tar zcvf ../pkgtools.tgz *

cd ..
rm -rf pkgtools
tar zcfv /var/tmp/jinstall-10.4.R3.4-export-olive.tgz *


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