[Review] Google's New Version of Android Market 3.4.4

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Google enrolled the new version of Android market 3.4.4.
Previous 3.4.3 Android market always crashed on some smartphones even my own Galaxy Pop.

So these are the things hated by people about Android market 3.4.3?

1. They didn’t like the Grey Background.
2. Doesn’t load faster.
3. Takes a lot of time to search any app.
4. Unusally crashing of market.

5. It’s seems like 3.4.3 version of Android market was a bugs not free version for some smartphones. With this latest small update of android market to 3.4.4

Google made several updates to it like :-
1. Faster loading time.
2. Lots of improvement in User-interface.
3. Most Bugs are fixed.
4. Visual are made excellent.

To download Android market 3.4.4 Click here


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