Kindle Fire Driver Problems In Windows XP & Windows 7

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While the Kindle Fire has been a sales sensation, some owners have had some early complaints about usb drivers, bugginess, particularly with the touchscreen. Amazon has done its best to remedy those problems with a new Kindle Fire update (6.2.1) which already rolled out. But still a large number of
users are still encountering the problems related to usb drivers on windows XP & Windows 7, these issues are discussed on different forums with very helpful solutions some of those solution are listed in this post below. We had already discussed some of these solutions in our earlier post on Kindle fire driver problems & solution.

Kindle Fire Driver Problem in Windows XP 

Robert R
I am trying to locate the driver for my Kindle Fire. When I plug it into my laptop, an Inspiron 6400 with Windows XP, Windows can see that it is there, but asks to locate the driver. It will not show up as a mounted USB mass storage device.

Robert R says
Here is an update to my driver issue. I downloaded the Easy Installer application from the Amazon App store and installed it on my Fire. Now I notice that if I plug in the usb cable to my laptop and the Fire while my Fire is in "standby" or "sleep" mode... ie black screen, then the laptop will wake the Fire to the "open" screen, the one with the yellow arrow. If I do nothing, the laptop will open the New Device window and ask for a driver. At this point the Kindle is simply listed as a "Removable Disk" and clicking on it will prompt you to insert a disk. No disk capacity is listed. So, cancel out of the New device screen and then start the Fire by swiping the yellow arrow. Now my Fire will immediately tell me that it is connected via usb and the laptop now sees the "Removable Drive" as in fact a Kindle. All folders are available.

If the Easy Installer is actually to credit for this I do not know, but it works for me. I have not uninstalled the East Installer. Maybe later.

I hope this helps.

sgood1971 says:
That did the trick, thank you.

Kindle Fire Driver Problem in Windows 7 
Bob Robesky says:
I was having the exact problem and, I think I found the solution. Plug in your cable as you have already done. Then login to the Kindle Fire. You should now have a message that "You can now transfer..." and the drive icon should now be enabled.

blogarsay says:
Yes, I get that message, and there's a drive icon, but when I click on it it says "please insert a disk in drive f".

Shoebox says:
I tried to transfer a movie to the Fire this morning. Would not work due to driver on my Vaio, so I tried my HP laptop. Said driver was not successfully loaded, however, I saw the Kindle on IE and transferred the movie OK. Later tried to transfer another movie and neither laptop would show a Kindle drive. Was too busy today to try again. ?? Tomorrow, I'll make sure to log into the Kindle before plugging in USB and see if it works.

Nospin says:
Have you tried a different cable and a different USB port?
What does your computer usually say when you insert a USB drive?

Shoebox says:
No, I didn't try a different cord. I just used the one that came with my previous KK. Usually, when I plug in something by USB, I get a box asking me what I want to do - view files, import, etc.

A. Gabriel says:
I am stuck in the same cycle! What to do?

Bob Robesky says:
If you can see a drive icon that appears greyed out on your desktop login to your kindle by sliding the orange arrow to the left. You should then see a page that says your Kindle is connected with the USB cable. Again check your drive letter icon. It should now be in color and you should be able to access your Kindle as a drive.
If you don't see any icon, I have no clue what you should do.

Gretchen Z says:
Try waking the Kindle up BEFORE connecting the usb cable. My Fire has to be on and awake when I connect it for the computer to recognize it.
ETA - I'm using Windows Vista.

blogarsay says:
I don't know about everyone else, but I've done that and it makes no difference.

AmeliaA says:
Last week, someone was on who had the same problem with the Fire not being recognized on their computer (running Win Vista), but it worked fine on his sister's computer. Their seems to be a random software glitch with some versions of Windows recognizing the Fire as a "removable drive."

Jon Case says:
I had a similar problem on both a win7 and vista PC - I would connect my Fire to the PC, but the PC would recognize it as a 'removable drive', and I couldn't view the files on the Fire. I had success with the 'wake the Fire' approach - before plugging in the USB cable to my PC, I woke up and unlocked the Fire, then plugged in the USB cable. After a few seconds, my Fire showed a message saying "You can now transfer files from your computer to Kindle", and the PC showed the Kindle as a regular USB device, which I could view and move files to. I confirmed this worked on both my win7 and vista PCs.

J.J. says:
I have the same problem and I think it's because Amazon just wants you to shop, shop, shop on their site and not use Project Guteberg, etc. So I am returning the Kindle and buying another table.

Old **Bah Humbug** Rocker says:
My Dell laptop has 2 USB ports, one in the back and one on the side. The Fire will connect on side one, but not the other. I recall there are different specs on the two ports, but I'm too lazy to look it up. I just know one works and the other doesn't.

Adrián Arias Marín says:
I want to transfer my music and videos from my computer to my kindle fire by usb cable, but it appear a message on mu kindle that say that i can't transfer files from my computer -.-

J. Dye says:
I followed your instructions and it worked as advertised. Thanks

TiUTiger says:
Have had similar problems with the Fire as well as some mp3 players. I use Xyplorer as my file manager, and it doesn't see the external drives. But, if I use Windows Explorer, they all show up.

Pete Berryman says:
I am having similar problems. When I plug my Kindle Fire in I get the message "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message." No clicking on message does not help.
I have tried it on all three PC's in the house (all running Windows 7) and same result.
I have done everything that I could find searching this forum and others such as making sure Fire is not in sleep, make sure drivers updated for both it and PC's, powered Fire down and power up reconnect. I have rebooted the PC. I have tried different USB ports. Although it doesn't appear to be a connection issue since the Fire is charging through the USB Port. I even went as far to a power reset.
No mattter what I do I get the same results.

Laura Knospler says:
I have Windows 7 home, service pack 1 .. same problem as you guys.. but after putting my password in while the kindle was connected to the computer it worked.. I'm using a usb mini cable from my daughters cheap cell phone..
Allyn Boldt says:
An alternate to using the USB cable. Buy WiFi File Explorer PRO app from the app store on your Fire. Purchasing from the Fire itself will automatically download and install the app without using the USB cable to sideload the app. Then you can transfer files from your home computer with your in-home WIFI.
The amazon link to look at the app is: WiFi File Explorer PRO
Remember, purchase it using your Fire for automatic downloading and installation on the Fire.

William Chinn says:
I have no problem, but here is the sequence: Connect cable to Kindle Fire, then connect cable to PC W7. Fire will boot and if you are passworded Fire it will ask for password. You will then get transfer message. The PC should beep recognizing the USB device. Now if you wait a few more seconds, the PC via Windows Explorer will recognize "Kindle" not "removable drive". You can view folders/files on the "Kindle" drive like any other drive. You should "Disconnect" before removing cables.

blogarsay says:
That's the first thing anyone's said in this thread that could actually help. Thanks!

Regina Oliver says:
I am having the exact same problem. New kindle fire. registered on line with amazon. usb port not recognized either through belkin or in back of computer. get message on kindle saying there is a connection and i can transfer files but no go.

Jordyn Doyle says:
I plug mine in and it tries to install the driver software and then it fails and I don't know why. The program I use to transfer documents doesn't find my Kindle and I'm sure it's because the software fails to install. Does anyone know why?

Ernie says:
There are no drivers. I don't know what software you're using to transfer files. But it should see the fire as a drive allowing for drag & drop.

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  1. Troy Hoffman // August 29, 2012 at 11:39 AM  

    It has to be unlocked before you can transfer files. It makes sense for security reasons. After all, if you put a password on your Kindle, you don't want somebody having access to your data just by connecting it to a computer.

    It probably should only do this if you have a password, but it's apparently designed to lock out access anytime the screen is locked, even if you don't need a password to unlock it.

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