[FIX] - Amazon Kindle Fire & Nook Tablet USB Driver Problems

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The Amazon Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet are the most budget and popular android tablets today. Both of these two tablets have no USB driver software, because the USB driver is contained in its utilities. Generally, if you installed the uitility correctly, you wouldn’t have any problem with USB driver, as it would be installed spontaneously to your computer.
While we have found many Nook Tablet & Kindle Fire users encountered problems when the USB driver was installed, and fortunately we have also found a trick about fixing the USB driver issue on Nook Tablet, we think it should help you.

How to fix USB driver issue:
1. Make sure usb debugging is checked(both)
2. Automount is not checked
3. Uninstall all drivers in USBdreview
4. Go to Control Panel > Advanced System Settings > Hardware Tab > then click “Device Installation Settings”. Change this setting to “No, let me choose what to do”, and make sure “Never install driver software from Windows Update” is checked below that.
5. Go in Device Manager, expand the USB Mass Storage Device selection, search for the USBMass Storage device of your Nook Tablet
6. Click “update driver” and select the folder manually

Now you are able to use adb shell on your computer to execute orders. Please let us know from your feedback if it was helpful.


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